Our Farm

Founder Jeremy Storey brought his restaurant standards into farming

He had worked in kitchens from Indiana to Chicago. But seven years ago, Jeremy Storey decided to leave the bustling Chicago city for life in the lowcountry. Here, he started his first farm, raising free-range chickens to sell the eggs and meat to retaurants in the Lowcountry.

Charleston, it turned out, is one of the best cities for local farmers

Storey’s culinary credentials proved helpful: “I knew what chefs wanted,” he notes. Consistent, high quality products have given Storey Farms a strong reputation around town.

Animal welfare is a top priority for all animals on the farm

The animals at Storey Farms live a cage-free life, allowing them to forage for bugs, seeds and greens. Spending their days outside gives them unlimited access to fresh air, sunshine and space to play.

High quality feed

To ensure the animals get all their vital nutrients, they are provided a supplemental feed made of all natural ingredients (corn, alfalfa, oyster shells, natural vitamins and minerals)