How We Farm

Our Land

Our 15-acre farm sits on Johns Island, next to the Bohicket River. The fertile land here is home to chickens, ducks and pigs. ‚Äč

Free Range

The animals on our farm live a cage-free life, allowing them to forage for bugs, seeds and greens. Spending their days outside gives them unlimited access to fresh air, sunshine and space to play.


We maintain a large compost supply by collecting manure from our animals and food waste from the market.

Our Flocks

We always have chickens and ducks for egg and meat production. But also try new things from time to time. We just started raising quail for quail eggs and some meat.



The chickens have mobile coops that are moved around the farm, allowing the chickens to freely eat, play and lay eggs at their leisure.


Our ducks have an open house on the lake, giving them full access to the water and neighboring marchland


Around the holidays we raise turkeys. Keep an eye out to pre-order yours as Thanksgiving approaches

Our Pigs

We started off with just a few pigs and we keep adding more and more every year. Our pork is processed at a nearby USDA facility, providing us with a variety of sausages and meats.