Storey Farms Free Range chickens, ducks and pigs are ethically-raised on local farmland in South Carolina. With unlimited access to fresh air and sunshine, these animals are happy and healthy.

USDA Inspected

Free Range

Certified SC Grown

How It Started:

Jeremy Storey, realizing the need for high quality poultry products in the restaurant industry, left Chicago’s elite three-Michelin-star restaurant Alinea to start a chicken farm on Johns Island in South Carolina. He began by delivering to a few high quality restaurants in downtown Charleston, and as demand grew he continued expanding operations.

How Its Going:

Today, Storey Farms is a staple in the South Carolina food industry. Operating a fully end-to-end operation, Storey Farms is able to control quality, costs and animal welfare. From raising the animals, to processing, packaging and warehousing, Storey Farms does it all. Delivery is available across South Carolina utilizing local and national distribution networks.

Where to Buy



Storey Farms deliver eggs to over 40 different Charleston restaurant kitchens, a network which has grown over the past seven years. The Ordinary, FIG, Millers all Day, Poogan’s Porch and Husk are all fans of these farm fresh brown eggs, to name a few. 

Local Grocery

You can pick up our eggs at Storey Farms Market on Betsy Kerrison Parkway, across the street from Kiawah River, as well as various grocery stores around town.

Would you like Storey Farms farm fresh eggs delivered to your restaurant or small business?

Visit Us at The Market at Storey Farms

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