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Storey Farms features free-range eggs, chicken and pork all ethically-raised on Johns Island in South Carolina

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In addition to our egg, poultry & pork products, we also carry a wide variety of local fruits and vegetables, pantry items and home products.

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We deliver eggs to over 40 different Charleston restaurant kitchens, a network which Jeremy has built over the past six years. The Ordinary, FIG, Millers all Day, Butcher & Bee, Poogan’s Porch and Vicious Biscuit are all fans of our fresh brown eggs, to name a few. 

Local Grocery

You can pick up our eggs at Storey Farms Market on Betsy Kerrison Parkway, across the street from Kiawah River, as well as various grocery stores around town.

Would you like Storey Farms farm fresh eggs at your restaurant or small business?

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Our cage free chickens are an integral part of our farm operations

  • Their foraging aerates the soil
  • They eat worms and bugs, providing pest control for the goats and pigs
  • Chicken droppings rejuvenate the grass for the cows and goats

How Storey Farms Started

Jeremy Storey was a chef at Chicago’s elite three-Michelin-star restaurant Alinea before he traded in his apron to become a farmer, raising 3,000 hens at Storey Farms on Johns Island. 

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